20 November 2007

Long Overdue

Last week I quit my job. As I told my boss in my resignation letter, "This rut of daily humiliation masked by well-honed platitudes is no longer tolerable."

I handed in this letter as my two-weeks' notice at about 9 am last Wednesday. At 5 pm, my boss asked me into her office and said that if I was really that unhappy, then perhaps it would be best all around if we made that day my last day. Now, as you can see, the tone of the letter did perhaps beg this reaction. But she just couldn't have given me this news a bit earlier in the day, perhaps before the majority of people I would have liked to say goodbye to had left for the day...

Just business as usual for the company.

And now, you might think I would be trotting off to sacrifice my evenings at the library. Well, no such luck. After the very helpful advice offered in response to that last post, I went back to the branch manager to let her know I would accept the position - provided I would be able to attend my online class sessions a night or two each week. And they decided that their top priority was to find somebody who could work the schedule as established. Alas.

So, I'm unemployed. But I'm not even going to worry about it until after the holidays. Just a nice, long, relaxing Christmas break.

One of these posts, I'll actually show you some yarn.