31 October 2009

Helena Sweater for Maddie

OMG! A finished knitting project! This little sweater is a 1-year birthday present for my friend's daughter.

Pattern: This toddler sweater is based on the very adorable Helena pattern from Knitty, size 12 months. I changed the lace pattern on the sweater's skirt to the Alternating Leaf pattern from the Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns.

My modifications: To get 144 instead of 145 stitches for the modified pattern, I changed the increase row for setting up the skirt as follows:
Next Row RS: K3, M1, K5 6 times, M1, K4 13 times, M1, K5 6 times, M1, K3. 144 sts.

I worked the Alternating Leaf pattern for 3 pattern repeats.

I ran out of yarn on the project, and I didn't want to go buy more - so I had to tick back and make the bottom shorter after I'd followed directions for the hem. I changed the cute bumpy bottom edge for a garter stitch edge to match the button band, but I did keep the bumpy edge on the sleeves.

I also decided on buttons instead of the tie closures.

Materials: 3 balls of Plymouth Baby Bunny, in color 204 (light blue), which I bought at Monarch Knitting in Pacific Grove, CA. I used every last bit of the 3 balls. I liked the yarn a lot, it's super soft and very easy to work with. Also, I used 2 small white heart shaped buttons. Knitted with size 6 and size 3 needles.

I'm really happy with the way the sweater came out, and it fit its recipient pretty perfectly, with a little room for growth. Very neat to watch the yoke take shape, and I love how quickly projects for babies go by.