20 March 2010

Stitches West 2010

I have several posts' worth of catch-up to do, covering the last couple of months.

First, behold my haul from Stitches West 2010!
So, what have we got here... A wooden shawl pin, a drop spindle (!!), a sock needle holder, 3 buttons, a beaded stitch marker. Two balls of Jojoland Melody and a skein of Cascade Heritage for some Endpaper Mitts. Two skeins of Miss Babs superwash sock yarn - one for me and one for B. Some Abstract Fiber Mighty Sock that my mom bought for some socks she's commissioned (even though she knits, too). One skein of Wabi Sabi Lush Lace that will make one Citron shawl and potentially a second shawl, pattern T.B.D. A whole mess of Mission Falls 136 for a colorwork sweater vest I'm planning. And two lovely bunches of "top" (apparently -- I would have called it roving, but what do I know about fiber?) so that I can try out that new spindle. More on that later.
My mom and I had a blast! It's so fun to see so many knitterly artists congregated in one place, talking yarn and showing off the wonderful lovely creations they've made. (Yes it's 77 degrees inside the convention center, but dangit, I'm wearing my Aran sweater and wool socks!!)
(Yes, Stitches was 3 weeks ago. Yes, I know my blog habits are atrocious.)