28 October 2007

Riley's Identity Crisis

Sometimes Riley gets a little confused. Like when he noticed Bettie playing with her new toy - one of those things with the catnip mouse that spins inside a circular plastic case - and decided he wanted to play too. He spent the better part of the evening trying to get at that mouse.

I apologize for the darkness/low film quality... This was recorded with my cheap old still camera. B didn't even realize the thing recorded video; thus you hear him commenting about still shots, etc. In fact, it was 20 minutes or so into the action before I remembered it had that capability. You can tell Riley's breathing pretty hard by this time. But he went on and on and on and... Unfortunately I didn't capture either of the times he wound up flipping the thing over and then trying to right it again.

One of these days I'm gonna get a REAL video camera.


Bethany said...

I especially like how he sneezes at the end.

Nicole said...

I was worried he might have a heart attack. This is very cute though.