24 March 2009

Squarely Disappointed

I got some Kollage square circular needles, size 1, last month at Stitches West. They are supposed to be easier on your hands and help you knit more even stitches.

Unfortunately, I have no idea whether this is true in the long term, because I won't be using them long enough to find out. The cord on the size 1's is absurdly flimsy and next to impossible to use for magic loop, my preferred method of sock knitting. The join, too, is problematic, but I could get past it if they weren't otherwise so frustrating to use.

From their website's images, it appears that larger needles have more substantial cords. And I imagine that DPNs or regular straights may be better engineered. I am not swearing off on Kollage square needles for good - but this pair will be slipping to the dark, obscure bottom of my knitting supply bin.

Oh well.


Bethany said...

Ahhh yes.... the dark obscure bottom of the knitting bin. There lies abandoned patterns, skeins of cheap yarns as well as remnants of very nice yarns of which there is too little to make anything substantial, but was too expensive to be tossed out, and I like to imagine, a miserly faerie with pointy teeth who collects the unwanted bits and sits upon them with jealousy.

It's a loathsome place.... the dark obscure bottom....

Sewlove said...

I love my square needles for sock making. I use a size 4 with a 40" cord. Magic loop is not a problem for me. I've been knitting for about a year or less now. I love Addi and Knitpick needles.