16 April 2007

F'Argyle Socks

These socks are a very basic sock pattern embellished with a simple "Faux Argyle" - or "F'Argyle" - pattern band and contrasting color heel and toe. If you've never tried two-color knitting before, this might be a good place to start. They originally were supposed to have a more complex pattern around the ankle; then I discovered that stranding that stretches is beyond my personal knitting limits. So, this is what I wound up with. Fits an average size man's foot.

KnitPicks Essential Sock Yarn (75% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon) - 2 balls Ash (MC), 1 ball Navy (CC)

Needles: US Size 1 & 3 (DPNs or circulars depending on your preferred sock-making method)

Gauge: appx. 36 sts x 24 rows = 4"

(Warning: I realize the pattern may not be written using perfect terminology, so let me know if it doesn't make any sense.)

With MC and size 1 needles, CO 84 sts.

Cuff: Work in the round in K2P2 ribbing for 1.5".

Leg: Change to SS and continue for 1".

Pattern Band: Switch to size 3 needles (to accommodate for non-stretchiness of stranding), attach CC, and work pattern (7 reps around) over next 13 rows.
(Black = Navy/CC, White = Ash/MC)

Leg (Cont'd): Switch back to size 1 needles. Within the next few rows, dec 4 sts = 80 sts total, and if necessary, rearrange your needles so that the "jog" in the pattern lies in the center of the back of the sock.

Work in SS for 3" or until leg of sock is desired length.

Heel: Divide sts in half, front and back, 40 sts per half. Place 40 front sts on stitch holder. Attach CC, K 1 row even across back, then turn, sl 1st st, P across, turn. Work heel flap as follows:
Row 1 - *Sl 1, K1* across
Row 2 - Sl 1st st, P across
Row 3 - Sl 1st st, *Sl 1, K 1* to last st, K 1
Row 4 - Sl 1st st, P across
Repeat these 4 rows until heel flap meas 2.25"

Turn heel - K across 23 sts, SSK, K1, turn. P 8, P2tog, P1, turn. Continue to work in this manner, slipping 1st st of each row, decreasing across the gap, until all sts have been worked - 24 sts remain on needle. Cut CC.

Pick Up row: With MC, pick up 21 sts along side of heel flap; K even across 24 heel sts, pick up 21 sts along opposite side of heel flap, K even across 40 front sts. Arrange needles as makes you comfortable depending on your sock-knitting method, keeping 40 designated front sts.

beg of rows = beg of back "half"
Dec row - K 1, SSK, K to last 3 sts of back "half," K2tog, K 1. K front even.

Alternate 1 dec row, 1 K even row, until 40 sts remain on back half.

Continue to work even in SS until foot measures appx. 2" less than the intended recipient's foot.

Dec row - (Back) K 1, SSK, K to last 3 sts of back half, K2tog, K 1; (Front) K 1, SSK, K to last 3 sts of front half, K2tog, K1

Alternate 1 dec row, 1 K even row, for 1", then change to CC and continue to alternate 1 dec row, 1 K even row, until 20 sts remain each half/40 sts total.

Graft toe together and weave in ends.


Bethany said...

Maybe it's just me... but when I see "F'Argyle" I think it's an abbreviation for "Fucking Argyle."

...Sorry.... it's probably just me....

Teresa said...

Ohhh..those are nice. I like the pattern on them. And his legs are as hairy as mine!!

Hattie said...

These are awesome! I'm thinking of making them smaller and in pink. :)

knitteen said...

I really, really like the socks (but as I'm fourteen, I have noone to knit them for besides my dad, who wheres thin black socks every... single...day...sigh) I've never used the knitpicks sock yarn before--did you like using it? How do you think they'll wear?

Dove Knits said...

Those are very handsome socks!

Dave said...

These are great -- thanks so much for sharing the pattern! Yet another one on my must-do list. :-)

Cheryl Wilson said...

The socks really turned out nice. I can see they are well appreciated.

Trish said...

I had never knit 'argyle' before. Seeing your pattern inspired me to try. 1st time I just knit for the practice without changing needle size. As expected they pulled in considerably. 2nd time I changed needles as recommended. Still pulled in more than I liked sooo I altered your pattern just a bit and came out with what others are telling me are great socks. Here's what I did: Using size 2 needles & Regia Cotton (this was also my practice yarn & needles) I loosely cast on 72 stitches (84 just seemed to be too many). Then 2 rows before the color work I evenly cast on 12 stitches (for your recommended 84). Knit one more row. Changed to size 3 needles for the color work. Changed back to size 2's then on the following row decreased those 12 stitches evenly around. Continued the pattern as you wrote it.
The result was a mens size 11-12 sock sent to an organization called Socks For Soldiers and ultimately to a military man serving in 'the danger zone'.

Thanks for sharing a great pattern that is easy to read with a graph that is easy to follow. I found no mistakes.
Also want to thank you and your husband for serving. Shake his hand and tell him so for me when you next see him.

Anna said...

i live your knitting patterns. So neat. Great job.

Nile said...

I love this pattern! simple and classic can't wait to try!

lej619 said...

wow i really like your f'argyle's they are awesome.! I think these will be my next pair to cast one.