06 May 2007

Kitty Squid Does Its Part

This modest little cat toy pattern will soon be helping kitties in need.

Back in October I made my first one of these and posted the pattern. It's made its way into various collections and brought a large percentage of the visitors to this site. But it looks like this little guy was meant for a much larger purpose than generating blog traffic and amusing kitties I know personally.

The nice people at Maine Coon Adoptions, a cat rescue organization in the San Francisco East Bay area and a part of SAFE (stands for Saving Animals From Euthanasia), contacted me to kindly ask permission to use this pattern to promote their cause. And of course, since I'm a big softie for animals in need, I said, Absolutely! The toys are going to be made for fundraising, and additionally the organization is going to put together kits including the pattern (with my blog address snuck onto it), yarn, hook, and a picture of the final product (what a neat idea, huh?). All the money raised will go toward helping the cats - I hear last year the organization rescued over 160 kitties.

I am proud to play this small part in helping their organization. And you can help, too! If you can crochet and want to help some kitties (and the people dedicated to their cause!), all you need is some leftover yarn and perhaps a couple hours of your time. Make one - or several - of these simple toys and send it to this address:

Maine Coon Adoptions
2527 Carmel Street
Oakland, CA 94602

* Once again, the pattern is HERE. *

And visit their website, and see the other great things they are doing! Read stories, donate, volunteer, adopt a fantastic new family member!

I hope those California kitties like their squids as much as Bettie likes hers.


Bethany said...

So Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Betty is enjoying hers! Congrats on your pattern being chosen to help out the animals.

Nicole said...

I wish I knew how to knit...

jenfromRI said...


Lynne said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for you generousity of letting Maine Coon Adoptions use your patterns for their fund raising.

As a dedicated volunteer for this organzation (and an avid knitter and crocheter), I am delighted to be able to help the cause and do something fun too.

Thanks again!


Monica said...

There is a no-kill shelter in my area, The Haven, Friends for Life, that has asked my help crocheting for them for a big fund raising event they're having. I already have permission from another blogger to use their mouse pattern, but would it be alright if I used your squid pattern as well? I doubt I could make as many squid as mice, but it would be cool to throw some of them in there, maybe as presents for people that adopt that day or something. Please let me know. I can be reached at monica.shappy@yahoo.com