08 November 2006

A Great Day in History

- The House is definitively Democrat.
- We will have our first female Speaker of the House.
- With Yahoo just now reporting the Democratic victory in Montana, and a win for Webb looking likely in my recent home state of VA, they now have half and I'm counting on edging out a majority in the Senate.
- The governors' races leaned heavily towards Democrats, too, and now 28 states are governed by Dems, 20 by GOP, with 2 currently still undecided. (Sad to say my future home of FL is still, well, let's just say it's unfortunate.)
- As of right now, I'm watching Bush on CNN announcing Rumsfeld's resignation!!

It's no secret where my politics lie. I won't go off on any further tangent, but to say I'm now looking forward to '08 even more eagerly.

I watched all the coverage on the west coast, feeling a sense of being the last to know despite the live coverage, since CNN and all news networks are so east-coast biased. This 3-hours-behind thing is kind of a pain, if you ask me. My sleeping schedule has just now come around, after being here a week; long-distance phone calls are tricky; and the television is all screwed up. Come on, in California we never got a live broadcast of the "live" Daily Show/Colbert Report Special. Since I changed the channel from CNN to Comedy Central to watch it, the information I had was already 3 hours beyond their information. Still, Dan Rather was great.

The time zone woes are ameliorated by the awesomeness of the surroundings here. This is a shot taken from a hike on the hill behind my parents' house, looking back. You can faintly see where I've circled the house. Check out that scenery, huh? And that's just an average, everyday view.

And because I feel strongly that my parents' dogs ought to be famous, I'll post their pictures too. They are ridiculous dogs.

Kumar (who doesn't like his picture taken)


They make me appreciate how great a dog Riley is. Not that they're bad, they just have character. Speaking of Riley, I'm moving right along on his sweater. I don't have any new pictures, since it pretty much looks the same as before except bigger. I am to the arm holes currently. I've been getting in quite a bit of knitting time, maybe not quite as much as anticipated, but that's in part because of the new Sudoku book I bought...

Other knitting items: 1) There was a girl on the train into San Francisco who was knitting, and it made me happy. She was making 2 socks at the same time using double circular needles, and she was doing it Continental style and was VERY fast. *Jealousy.* I can sort of work in Continental style, but my gauge gets a lot tighter. I'm practicing though. 2) We tried to go to what looked like a really fantastic fiber store in Half Moon Bay yesterday, and it is CLOSED on Tuesdays. What kind of crap is that? Now I'll have to go home with no more yarn than I came with.

Lastly, we finally heard from our Navy movers! Took their sweet time about it, I tell you what. They are coming to pack us out on Tuesday and Wednesday. Meaning, since we get home from CA late Saturday night, that we will be frantically scrambling to get everything in order in 2 days. I'm feeling overwhelmed. But at least they didn't schedule us while we're here, or after Brendon's already supposed to be in class in Newport, or not at all. The blog will likely continue to be pretty quiet next week, though, so heads up to loyal readers, if there are any.

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