13 November 2006

Knitting Blues

But that's not a bad thing!

I'm feeling a tad famous after finding out that I helped in some way to inspire a whole KAL. That has definitely never happened to me before. I didn't even realize anybody read my blog. It's a warm fuzzy feeling, and to a yarn addict, warm fuzzy feelings are extra special.

So everybody should go visit it, the KAL for Knitting Democrats, Knit Blue. Hooray.

Item #2: What's going on in the real world.

By the way, I'm home from California. Here's one last vacation picture, to demonstrate what happens when wineries have unlimited budgets. (B, parents, and I spent a couple days in Sonoma and Napa, where we all got somewhat tipsy before noon and then kept right on drinking - excuse me, it's not drinking, it's tasting.)

We're "home" for another couple days, that is. The packing crew comes tomorrow morning, and the movers on Wednesday. B and I have been scrambling the last couple days to get everything organized, separate things out to take to Newport, canceling utilities and assorted memberships, changing addresses. It's been chaotic. The cable gets cut off tomorrow, so this is my last post from VA. We will be at the mother-in-law's Thursday through Sunday, so I may get to post then, and after that... I'm not sure exactly what the internet situation will be. I'll get it worked out eventually.

Item #3: On the yarn front.

So here's the finished surprise gift project:

An Amigurumi kitty doll! Based on this pattern. It's for my friend Rachel, who's due to have her first baby next summer. She's convinced it's twins, in which case I may have to make a second toy. I owe this guy his own finished objects post, which I will attempt to do while in NC this week. I just don't have the time at this second.

On the plane ride home I began working on another crochet project, the mesh shopping bag. I don't have pictures because my situation is just too chaotic and, well, I'm not exactly sure where the project is at the moment among the bins, boxes, suitcases, bags... It will make it with me to RI though, where I will finish it, experimental engineering and all.

The Riley sweater is also still in the works. I am happy to report that even though I worked through almost the entire back section with the dog on the extreme opposite sides of the country, my measurements worked out to be pretty accurate and it looks like it will fit just like I wanted. Again, I don't have new pictures, (I'm SUCH a bad blogger!) but I am going to try to finish the thing while in NC, and then there shall be pictures galore, of the sweater and my dog looking miserable in it.

Well, I suppose this is goodbye for now. So long Chesapeake, VA. It's been.. Well, not all that interesting, to tell you the truth. Here's to the future - cheers!

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Bethany said...

Dude, we SO need to talk. I think I've got the knitting situation all figured out. I'm about halfway done with the second sleeve. My goal is to have it done by Thanksgiving so Evan can wear it to his family's dinner. But there's other news. About the Army. And someone going Active Duty. And it's not me. Or the cats. I'm sure you'll do the math.