04 November 2006

Who Wants To See Vacation Pictures?!?!

(Insert maniacal laugh here.)

I have been too busy/too isolated from technology to post for a while now. B and I are still in California at my parents' house, and will be for another week yet. We're having a lazy day today though, so I can grace the internet with a brief appearance.

After battling with the unfamiliar computer here and finally getting it to recognize and open my camera, I am pleased to bring you a summary of what I've been up to - ta da!

I got bunches of crocheting done on the plane. Crocheting is a far better plane activity than knitting. Only one tool to worry about, and it's not even a pointy tool. I'm not yet ready to reveal what this will be, but once it's put together and in the hands of the recipient, I will be happy to show it off.

Our first day here, Brendon and my brother went off on their own to the Blackhawk Museum, which is a car museum within a couple of miles of my parents' house. Brendon took my camera, and returned it to me "full." Lots of pictures that look like this. The green one is an Aston Martin DB4 Zagato, at least that's what I'm told.

This one is a Mercedes 540K. Which is worth more than a million. I'm impressed, how 'bout you? (There are lots and lots of pictures of cars, I just picked 2 random ones.)

Thursday we picked up a rental Explorer and headed south. There was a stop at Monterey to see the fishies and the Navy college there that B wants to go to.

From there we continued south along Highway 1, where we drove past some of the most amazing scenery in the country.

All 5 of us spent the night in this little inn near Big Sur that was very rustic and cut off from the world. No cell phone reception, no alarm clocks in the room, nothin’ but some peace and quiet and a lovely view of the Pacific.

On the way back to the house, we stopped to gawk at a pile of elephant seals congregating on a beach.

There, I touched a very friendly squirrel.

Before we made it home, we stopped one more time to take advantage of my dad’s discount to prepare a little for Newport.

Overall, we spent several hours in the car, which allowed me to make some great headway on Riley’s sweater.

Detail shot.

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