15 November 2006

Rachel's Amigurumi Kitty

Pattern: Amigurumi Dude from Crochet Me.

Materials: Bernat Cottontots in Wonder Dream, plus a little scrap mint colored yarn and a bunch of polyfill stuffing.

Time Spent: Approximately 6 hours; aka the plane trip from Norfolk to Houston to Oakland (minus a couple of Sudokus and the last third of Running With Scissors, the book), plus an hour of embroidering the face and claws and about half an hour of stuffing and seaming together at home.

I altered the pattern for the head slightly to make the muzzle stick out so it looks more feline than fungal, but I can't actually remember how many stitches I added where... Oops. Should have written that down. Also I added very basic ears and a tail. The sleepy face was embroidered on, which was the most difficult part - symmetry is not as easy to achieve as you may think. One ear got a little squished in the suitcase so it folds over slightly more than the other, but I'm sure it won't be the worst abuse this guy sees in his lifetime, being made for an infant and all.

The yarn is a little cheap, sure, but it's cotton, it's soft, it's washable, it shouldn't fuzz in baby's mouth when gummed upon... Really I think it's quite apt for the project, and I like it. The color can work for either sex, which was important since I will be several states away by the time Rachel finds out what it'll be.

I think she liked it. Hopefully baby likes it too!

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Bethany said...

It's VERY cute. And I'll give you a call tomorrow so we can hang out.