31 October 2006

Happy Halloween and Happy Vacation!!

Yep, yesterday was my last day at work. My lovely coworkers surprised me with a gorgeous pottery bowl, plus 3 sets of needles and 3 skeins of yarn. The needles are Boye straights and the yarn is Bernat Disco, which is a novelty fur yarn but it's SPARKLY. I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, but something. It was very nice of them.

I don't plan to be employed again until at least February.

Brendon has been sitting around the house playing video games on leave since last Monday, so he is completely in vacation mode already.

Today we're flying to California to spend 11 days at my parents' house. San Fran East Bay area. I will be taking my camera and the USB cord for it, so I will post, but not on a daily basis most likely, unless I can't adjust to the time change and have nothing better to do when I'm awake at 6 am every morning. I have a crochet project (okay, 2) to take on the plane. Crochet seems more airplane-friendly to me. Especially with a plastic hook.

Since it's Halloween, I suggested going in costume to the airport. You know, a turban for B, a burka for me, a black briefcase... B didn't think it was very funny. Somehow being in the military makes you lose your sense of humor concerning things like that. Oh well. The security people at the airport probably have that same gap in their sense of humor, so I guess it's for the best.

See you on the West Coast!

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Bethany said...

Evan and I considered dressing up for Halloween. He has an Afghan outfit he was going to wear, and then we were just going to throw a sheet over me and call it a burka. Oh, and every time I tried to say something he was going to yell at me to "shut up whoreface!" He thought it was hilarious... I thought it was kinda mean....