07 October 2006

Checking In From NC

Our long weekend at the MIL's is going pretty well, if uneventful. Yesterday there was a lot of sitting around going on - Brendon watched tv while I knit; he read a new Car magazine while I knit; his mom came home from work and we all visited while I knit; we went over to an old friend's house where the boys played video games until after midnight... while I knit. Needless to say, I've made some fantastic progress with that sweater. (If I had remembered to grab the camera while we were packing, I could show everyone, but we were kind of in a hurry to get on the road.) And whenever my fingers started getting tired, I picked up the copy of the Yarn Harlot - Secret Life of a Knitter that my sweet husband was kind enough to buy me while at B&N getting his new Car mag.

Brendon and I had a long chat in which he expressed quite a bit of surprise at the prevalence of the yarn-obsessed community as I explained it to him. Non-knitters do not understand. But, well, he's trying. I think he was under the impression that I may be going through a phase; now he's beginning to see that I am getting sucked into an entire "underground" culture. We've all heard that in the last 10 years, the number of women under 45 who know how to knit has more than doubled, and that is fantastic. Good for us.

(I've offered to teach DH how to knit and/or crochet on multiple occasions, but he acts like I've insulted his masculinity by even suggesting it. Alas, the stigma is still upon us. One day I will post extensively about this, but that will not be today. I'm not really in the mood for a rant.)

Anyway, if I had brought my camera you could see how much Riley (the dog) is enjoying having a real yard to romp in, instead of our apartment with its orderly sidewalks and zillions of stairs. I promised him in Jacksonville we'll live in a real house with a real yard, too. He's also enjoying making my MIL's two cats cower under the bed all day long, just by his mere doggy presence. He's having a great weekend.

This afternoon, Brendon gets to move furniture for his mom - and I think I'll be skipping that. The yarn beckons...

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