08 October 2006

Rainy Days

It has been cold and drizzling in North Carolina since we got here. And I did not pack very well for our trip. I guess I wasn't expecting such drastic change in season at such short notice. I mean, last week in VA where I live, as well as NC, it was gorgeous outside: 80s during the day, 65 at night. Now, suddenly it's a high of 59 degrees and non-stop mist, only interrupted by the occasional downpour. Ick.

This afternoon I caught up with my best friend from high school. As it turns out, she picked up knitting shortly after I did (completely separately). She and I got lunch, hit Macy's (a Hecht's until about a month ago), and then attempted to go to Greensboro's LYS, which I hadn't ever been to, only to find it closed. Silly South, shutting down on Sundays. Oh well. We stopped back by her house, grabbed her current project - a sweater she started last night for her husband - then spent the afternoon knitting away. She is making it up as she goes along, which I think is admirable, but she insists it's impressive that I can follow a pattern "what with all those abbreviations." Different styles suit different people, I guess.

Only 6 more rows of cables to go. Should be no problem to knock that out tonight. I think the boys are getting together for more video games, and you know what that means!

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