22 October 2006

Riley's Bath: A Pictorial Adventure

WARNING: Non-yarn-related content ahead!!!

"So, what are your plans for the day?"

"Ahhh, this feels so good, nothing bad could possibly happen from here."

"...I take that back."

"What? It's definitely worth $18 in shampoo if it makes me stop itching."

"(I don't want to admit that the soaping-up part actually feels pretty good.)"

"Get me out of the tub. Get me out of the tub. Get me out of the tub RIGHT FRICKIN' NOW."

"You know that no matter how long you spend toweling me off, I'm still going to shake and spray the bathroom with water when you're done."

Yep. Riley got his bath, and he lived through the day. He may even forgive me for the terrible insult of dunking him in the tub... perhaps around dinner time.

Oh, and there is knitting news:
My KnitPicks order came!! Yay. That's the yarn for Riley's sweater, plus some size 7 Bryspun straights, and the Stitch 'n Bitch Knitter's Calendar (because that put me over $40, to qualify for free shipping, and free shipping rocks).

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