27 October 2006

Kimono Styled Sweater

Here it is. Blocked, dry, and worn in public.

Pattern: Kimono Styled Sweater by KnitPicks

KnitPicks Elegance (70% Baby Alpace/30% Silk) in Lilac

Time Consumed: 9/30 - 10/24 (plus 2 days of drying after blocking)

There are a couple of errors in the pattern as written. For anyone attempting to work this sweater, my corrections are as follows~
1) In the "Fishernet Cable Pattern" the directions read "Rows 19-24: rep rows 1-6." This does not work. Instead I repeated rows 7-12, except on row 9 (aka 21) use a c4f instead of a c4b.
2) In the "Braided Cable Pattern" row 7 should be a "6-st Right Cable" instead of a "6-st Left Cable."
Other alterations I used included grafting the shoulder seams with kitchener stitch; using a provisional cast-on for the cuffs and then grafting those together; working the sleeves in the round instead of flat; and omitting the belt. I also recommend seaming the neckband on as you go instead of knitting the whole thing and then attaching it, guessing at the length.
Also I would like to mention that, while the sweater did expand slightly after blocking, it is still a little smaller than I would like it to be; you may want to make the size up from what the pattern tells you for your particular size.

My husband finds it funny to take pictures of my chest.


Dove Knits said...

How did I manage to miss this? It looks fabulous! In fact, I'm jealous! Great job. Love the color, too.

kellyhl said...

Beautiful! I love it! The color looks great on you, too!