15 October 2006

Kimono Sweater, Post #4

First and foremost:

My Dad turns 50 today! Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Now, on to business:

The body is done! The body is done!

I have grafted the shoulders together so I can wear it like a vest.

A couple of things worth noting:

1 - My lovely t-shirt tan.

2 - It's a little snug. Not so much that it's hard to get on and off, or that it's uncomfortable to wear, but enough that the cables are stretched out.

I'm hoping I can get it to loosen up a bit by blocking it.

Yep, looks like a vest. Of course, I haven't addressed the side seams at all yet, so there's the big gaping "arm hole."

At least this picture makes me look less wide around the middle than the previous one.

Here's the back. Again with the stretched-out cables. Contrarily, above the cables the back is a little baggy - but the side seaming ought to take care of that with no problem.

And no, I didn't quite get around to the loose ends. I chose the kitty toy (see below) over that yesterday evening.

The sleeves will be started today. Yay sleeves.

Hope crochet fans and cat owners out there dig my squid toy. Confession: it was designed under the influence of alcohol - but I don't believe it suffered much for it. In the pictures you can see (a) the corner of my glass, containing the last couple gulps of a mojito - yum - and (b) the knife and cutting board used to slice my lime and mint. Par-tay.

1 comment:

will-bob said...

jesus, is all you do knit and blog?

anyway, thats pretty impressive that your up to makin squid and sweaters. im super proud of you.

but seriously, your lookin sharp. keep it up and ill see you on the 31st.

Happy Birthday to Pops