01 October 2006

Let the Obsession Begin!

Technically, the obsession came first, the blog only an afterthought, really. With all my countless hours devoted to yarn lately, I've been feeling the need to document the process or else lose the time to infinity. I've come to a point where the finished products just aren't quite enough; I want to record and share the journey. Which aspect of knitting is more important - the outcome or the process - I haven't yet determined.

With that, welcome to my brand-new blog. In future posts, you'll find my frustrations and my accomplishments, photos of things I make, projects I may happen to design, links to assorted stuff I think is cool, random ramblings about yarn crafts and the theories behind them... Well, it isn't as though this is the first "knitting blog" out there, so all the usual stuff you've probably seen before. From time to time there may even be posts about my so-called Real Life, the one I have apart from knitting and crocheting (gasp!), because it does exist, if in a somewhat diminutive form.

I hope that my blog will draw occasional readers. Who knows, I guess. Really, I hope that it provides a therapeutic outlet for me, and the audience is almost secondary. Though, truly, I am thrilled to have each and every visitor I may get. You, strangers though you may be, validate my endeavors. I love it. I've been discovering the layers of the online yarn-obsessed community bit by bit and I think it's fantastic, and now I'm asserting myself into that community. I hope it will welcome me.

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