12 January 2007

BFF Socks

Since I know the recipient (my mom) is currently boarding her plane to come here and therefore posting this won't ruin the surprise, here it is. The latest FO. Finished this morning.

Pattern: Cookie A.'s BFF Socks. Appropriate since my mom pretty much fills that role.

Yarn: J. Knits Superwash Sock yarn in "Columbus" colorway (75% superwash wool, 25% nylon, hand-dyed).

Time Spent: Started last Thursday, finished this morning = approximately a week.

Notes: A very pleasant knitting experience. The pattern was interesting enough that I didn't get bored, but not so complicated as to prohibit multi-tasking. The yarn, while a touch on the expensive side ($22 for a 4 oz skein at my LYS), is gorgeous, machine washable, and pretty friendly to work with - except for the nightmare of a time I had trying to wind it into a ball with no swift or ballwinder. (This is one of the first issues I'll address upon moving.)

Also noteworthy is that this was my first pair of socks worked with the "Magic Loop" method, and I'm loving that.

And I think they turned out pretty well, too.


Bethany said...

Those are lovely!

jenfromRI said...

Nice bright color!

Cara said...

Thanks! Actually the color isn't quite as bright as the pictures suggest... It's, like, globe-color blue and green.

pam said...

Ooo la la, those socks are gorgeous! I'm going to have to try this magic loop thing...

Dove Knits said...

So pretty! And those colors make me feel warm all over.