24 January 2007

Daddy's Socks

Voila, my current project.

These socks mark the first time I've used three colors at once, in a non-striping type of situation. And, since it has been a learning type of project, I am coming out of it with important new knowledge: stranding takes away all of the stretch. I got halfway through the pattern bit before I realized that it would no longer go over my foot, and certainly wouldn't go over my father's. Oops. So I ripped back, and went up to size 3 needles for the colorwork (the rest is worked in size 1). I don't know if that's the normal way to accommodate for the lack of stretch; any other recommendations? It's still rather tight over the heel, but definitely better, and it fits well around the ankle, so... I dunno what to do.

Now for the funny story. I was working on these in Florida last week, in the hotel room, at the knit-in, and on the airplanes and so forth, originally intending to be finished by the time I got back to RI and my dad flew out for a long weekend visit - but I didn't even have the first one done. Oops. This left me working on the socks in his presence, while watching the playoffs on my couch, etc.

While doing this knitting in front of him, I didn't exactly mention what I was doing or who I was doing it for... and he never asked about it. He's used to me knitting and just accepts it as-is, I guess. Then I started giving "hints" - as I was getting near the toe, I started holding it up to his foot to compare. And he laughs and turns to my mom and says, "I'm a foot model!"


So when I finish that first sock, he's working on his laptop catching up on work email, and I drape the sock over the top of the computer. He says, "That sure is a big sock." To which I reply, "Well, my foot model has big feet." Still not quite getting it, he asks who they're for anyway, and then I finally tell him outright. At which point we all have a big hearty laugh and he feels a little silly.

In his defense, playoff games and work emails are quite distracting.

So he flies back home, and this is where it stands. Guess I'll be putting them in the mail...


Bethany said...

Those look nice! I need to learn how to do intarsia. Oh, and today I bought fabric for your needle carrier. Pink and purple.

Cara said...


Dove Knits said...

Those are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get them.
They should fit since you had such a perfect model.

Love you.