25 January 2007

Grand Intentions

First of all:

I love it when a swatch measures up! Particularly when making yarn substitutions. And I don't think I could be more in love with the texture. Or the little color flecks - not just grey and white, but bright pink and lilac too.

However, there are more important things to be discussed - and goals to be set.

First and foremost:

I will not purchase any more yarn until April.

Not because I have a ridiculous number of UFOs or a years-old stash that needs cleaning out. No, it's because I've been on a yarn shopping spree over the last month or so, and have spend wayyy too much money and purchased for, well, enough projects to last me until the spring.

To keep me on task, I'm even going to set up a tentative timeline.
My dad's socks shall be finished this weekend.
Brendon's Leo shall be finished (and blocked!) by Feb. 9.
My Central Park hoodie shall be finished by Mar. 2. (My birthday. Remember my mom bought me the yarn for a birthday present? I mean to make good on my part of that deal.)
After that's done, the next couple of weeks will be put toward a pair of argyle socks for B, and then, the knitting bag! It would be higher up on the list, but, I want to be able to wear the hoodie a couple of times before it gets scorchingly hot in Florida.

Sounds like April to me. And if not, I also have some cotton for a couple of summertime tops. Perhaps I can even push the no-yarn-buying rule back to May... but I'm not prepared to commit to that.

Also, I resolve that I will not knit another selfish stitch until the Leo is done. It's getting to be a sore subject around my house, that it isn't done yet. (Sweater curse, I believe in your black magic. And I may have a post in store for you.)

I have lots of other things I'll have to tackle in the next couple of months, though, that have nothing to do with knitting. I have the move, a major job hunt, and the task of filling up twice the square footage of my previous home - furniture and decorations will need to be purchased. Also, I've been strongly considering getting an online masters degree in Library & Information Science, so I'll be investigating programs and financial aid opportunities. All of this, and adjusting to a brand new city BY MYSELF. (That's right, pretty much as soon as we show up in Florida, Brendon's going to be gone with his new ship for approximately a month. At least, probably. Still don't know for sure. The Navy likes to keep you guessing like that. I really don't appreciate it.)

Now that I've written all of this down and put it "out there" as it were, I'll have to really commit to it, right? And if you see me straying, mentioning that I'm longing to go hit the LYS (knit-ins don't count, alright?) or starting my sweater before Brendon's is stitched together, I want you to yell at me, okay?? Help me out.

**Edited to add - I almost forgot another commitment I need to make. I will be losing 15 lbs or so. I don't actually know how much of the weight I lost last year has been regained since living in RI, because I don't have a scale with me here. But 15 should be plenty for fitting (easily) back into all those new pairs of pants that I got when I'd lost the weight. New England does not promote healthy eating habits, I'm afraid. Florida does, though. Especially since you have to walk around all summer practically naked. I hear it's mandatory there.**


jenfromRI said...

Good luck with the yarn-buying moratorium! It sounds like you've got enough to keep you busy, though. That swatch is a really pretty color - it looks soft, too. I hope you enjoyed your brief time in fabulous RI!

Bethany said...

Do you have a picture of what the Central Park Hoodie will look like? I keep feeling like I should know what you're talking about... but I don't. Sorry...

I will keep on you about your goals.

Dove Knits said...

You really don't look like you need to lose 15 lb, but healthier eating and exercise habits never hurt anyone :) And I'm with you on no yarn buying! For all the same reasons, too! Good luck!