29 January 2007

Dad's Socks, Done

Ta da. A sock.

Modeled by my husband. Helpful guy that he is. I'll have to make a trip to the UPS store this week and send them on their way to Daddy.

Pattern: The decorative band is half of the "Rosemary and Sage" pattern from Stitchionary Vol. 3. The sock construction is, um, a basic sock. With a contrasting color heel and toe. (Check out Knitty's Socks 101 Tutorial if you have never made a sock before.) Size 1 and 3 needles, magic loop method (my new favorite thing).

Yarn: KnitPicks Essential sock yarn (75% Superwash wool, 25% Nylon) in Navy, Dusk and Ash. Very nice stuff for a basic machine washable sock yarn - and yes, they have been put through my washer and dryer, and they came out exactly the same as they went in. Except smelling like dryer sheets.

Time spent: An embarrassing two weeks. Come on, it shouldn't take that long to make a pair of socks! Even if they are huge socks!

For the future, I must keep in mind that stranding doesn't stretch. I am extremely pleased with these socks except for the fact that they're rather difficult to get on past one's heel. Maybe (hope!) my dad's heel is slightly smaller than Brendon's, but I kinda doubt it. Once on the foot, they seem to fit B rather perfectly...

How do you solve this problem? I went up two needle sizes for the pattern section, and it certainly helped, but it's still not ideal. What am I doing wrong?

I'd say they look pretty good though.

Riley is helping. By shedding white hair all over them.

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ODP said...

Love the socks! They look warm and comfy.

Just some random surfer named Annie :)