27 December 2006

Gift Knitting, Revealed

Since all presents have been opened, I can now take a moment to show off this year's gift projects!

You already saw my brother's socks. They were accompanied by two other pairs.

Gramma Belle's

My Mother-In-Law's

Detail shot.

Gramma's (I'm from the South, okay? I can spell it that way if I want.) socks are based on the stitch pattern from Hello Yarn's Cable Twist Socks, and the construction from Knitty's Socks 101 Tutorial. My mother-in-law's socks are, strangely enough, the Mother-In-Law's Socks from Knitaddicted, with slight modification to the pattern: after the stitch pattern given, I flipped it around so the zig-zags are twice as wide. Both are made of Classic Worsted LP from Universal Yarn Inc., and both were made two at a time on two size 3 circular needles.

Then there was the scarf. The Ferrari Scarf.

Think he likes it? Alright, it needs to be lengthened. Here's the whole thing.

See, I hadn't fully planned it out before purchasing yarn, and I ran out. I would have had enough for the length, but the intarsia parts are double-sided.

I knit one intarsia panel, with the border, then turned it around, picked up stitches, and knit a second one, then seamed together at the top and sides. You can see why I wanted to cover this reverse side up as best I could.

So I ran out of red. And the LYS here doesn't carry this stuff - I actually bought it in CA while visiting my parents in November. Still, I went ahead and false-finished it, because I wanted to have something decent to present on Christmas morning. By the way, it is pretty difficult to knit a surprise for somebody who lives in the same house. That's actually how I snapped that Rosewood needle - he came home from school early and I tried too hard to make everything disappear. (Sorry I wasn't forthcoming about this earlier, but B actually does read my blog. On a regular basis. And goes through my counter to investigate where my hits are coming from. It's kind of funny.)

So, anyway, specs: Intarsia chart is found here. Obviously, I did the prancing horse only - no shield/crest. It's slightly puffy around the pony's edges but since this is my first *real* intarsia project, I'd say it went pretty well. The length of the scarf is done in seed stitch, and there's a bit of ribbing traveling up the sides to keep it from curling. Yarn is Berroco Pure Merino, knit on size 6 straights. By the way, I really really dig this yarn. Very soft, machine washable, and amazing stitch definition. And now it's serving as an excuse to get in the car with another of my Christmas presents - our new Garmin GPS - and go seek out all the yarn stores in the state. Brendon's lucky Rhode Island is a small state.

Yeah, I could order another ball of the red online, but I have some other projects I'm hunting up yarn for as well. I bought some recycled Sari Silk on eBay a couple days ago, and as soon as that arrives, the trip is on. I can't wait!

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Holly Burnham said...

I love the scarf...you did a wonderful job. And...of course we all enjoy seeing homemade socks on feet; I'm so glad socks are in fashion again to make.