07 December 2006

I Am An Internet-Shopping-Hermit

I love the internet. I can hardly imagine trying to function without it. One symptom of my internet addiction is the fact that the vast majority of the Christmas presents I'm giving this year - pretty much all the gifts that aren't hand knitted! - have been or will be purchased online.

This is mighty convenient, yes, as far as the actual shopping and comparing right from home to find exactly what I want to get. However.. now I'm stuck here. At home. Waiting for deliveries! Right now I'm expecting MY Christmas present, which looks a lot like this:


As well as a rather large order (that I then have to divvy up and reship to assorted people), PLUS a package my mom told me she sent out last week. (I got my 2 skeins of Pure Merino in the mail yesterday, so at least I'm not worried about that any more.) Now, the doorbell at my condo doesn't actually work, and since the place is a rental we can't exactly go out and buy a new one and then screw around with the wiring in this 100+ year old house. Complicating this fact is that the house is set up so that it's split into two condos, with an entryway leading out to the front door, meaning that unless somebody knocks REALLY HARD on the outside door I'm likely not going to hear it. Fortunately at the moment nobody is renting the second floor condo, so I can leave my door open to increase the chances that I'll hear a knock. It's great and all, except that it ruins that extra bit of insulation keeping the heat in... nevermind.

On top of that, though, is the feeling that I can't leave the house at all during the day - at least until I've seen the UPS truck and the FedEx truck both drive by without stopping at least a couple times. I panic a little at the thought of even being in the shower for longer than it takes to wash my hair. I'm reluctant to turn the tv volume up too loud. It's a psychosis, I tell you.

I know that if I don't answer the door, they'll redeliver the next day. But I'm so eager to get the Mac, in particular, that I don't want to miss the first chance. Besides, our UPS guy doesn't fill in the part on the redelivery slip that says what approximate time their next attempt will be, so that next day I'll be even more on edge all day long.

Add to all this delivery anticipation the fact that I'm still waiting on my last paycheck from work to come (it's been almost 6 weeks since I left!) plus the Netflix dvd that was supposed to come yesterday did not come yesterday OR today - and I really hate having to call customer service about anything - it makes me rather neurotic. Much more so than usual.

Perhaps it's this obsessive tendency that makes me a good candidate for knitting.

Speaking of which, I still have 4 projects on the needles at the moment, and that's not helping my stress level.

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Nicole said...

Once you go Mac you never go back!!! I am hating my work computer now that I have a Mac at home. Enjoy!