15 December 2006


I wasn't going to talk much about my gift knitting until after Xmas, for a couple reasons. First, I don't know if any of the people who I'm knitting for might happen to read my blog, which would then spoil the surprise. By the way, yes my brother's socks are a Xmas present, but he knew about them in advance, hence no qualms about that. Second, though, if I talk about Xmas knitting then I worry friends or family reading the blog might get their hopes up that I'm knitting for them when I'm actually not. I'm really only making a handful of gifts this year, okay? And referring back to issue #1, I think only one of my recipients even possibly reads my blog, and that person not frequently, so odds are high that if you know me and are reading this, I'm not making you anything for Xmas. Sorry. I love you though.

HOWEVER, I feel compelled to write this post about gift knitting where I own up to an Act of Extreme Stupidity.

This morning, I fixed myself breakfast - oatmeal and orange juice. I carried said breakfast into the living room, whereupon I sat down on the couch and placed my bowl and glass on the coffee table, right next to one of my gift projects. Then I picked up my computer, situated it on my lap - and in the midst of checking email, I apparently forgot where I was and I put my feet up on the coffee table. (You may see where this is going.)

That's when I kicked the glass of OJ and sent it gushing all over my knitting. IDIOT! Oh my god. I. Suck. The best, most stupidest part of all, is that when I was rinsing my big ol' orange handled scissors in the sink, I sliced my pinky finger open. I tell ya, I'm feeling like a winner.

The good news is that the OJ was the pulp-free variety, plus the yarn is washable, and it's variegated so even if the orangeness doesn't come out 100% - which it should, it's already most of the way out thanks to my Tide To Go pen, though a little fuzzed up because of it - it shouldn't be noticeable. So a quick spin in the laundry, and the recipient will hopefully never know. Because I won't say which gift it is. Ha.

Just wanted to let everybody in KnitBlogLand know, I am a complete dumbass.

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Bethany said...

Don't feel bad, if nothing else - it gave you something to write about.