29 December 2006

True Love

Today has been a lovely knitterly day, and Brendon gets just about all the credit.

I shall preface by saying that my eBay score of Recycled Sari Silk came today. Yay! Look how lovely!

An entire kilogram of the stuff for $30 - that's with shipping included. I definitely couldn't get that price anywhere but eBay. Rock. It is a little smelly... musty, I guess... it kind of reminds me of my grandma's house. B says it smells horrible but I don't really mind it. Particularly since I don't intend to wear the stuff, it's going towards my upcoming dream-bag project. The colors are completely unmatching, but that's to be expected. I haven't gotten my needles into it yet, but that will happen in the very near future, I can promise.

Brendon gets some thanks for this, since he let me buy it with his credit card (since I'm, you know, currently unemployed) and he drove me to the post office to pick it up. But that is only a mere fraction of his spousal selflessness today. You may remember this unfortunate photo:

After finding out that this happened amidst a gift for him, and that it happened because of his unannounced early arrival, he felt bad and decided he was going to replace them as a belated Christmas gift. So after he checked in with his Navy people this morning, he went over to the LYS all by himself to search for a pair. No luck there, but the owner told him where the next closest store was - a bigger store with larger inventory that I had not come across anywhere on the internet. Rather than think, "Hm, that might be dangerous for our household budget if she discovered that store," he came home and told me what he'd found out.

We went out for a late-ish breakfast, and then, since it was so close by the diner, we stopped at Michael's. I'd been thinking of getting some polymer clay to make and bake some buttons for the sari silk bag, so I took the opportunity to pick up a handful of squares of "Sculpey." The B&N is in the same strip as the Michael's and it was time for a new Car magazine, so we popped in. Of course I got distracted in the craft section - I've been wanting to make hubby a pair of argyle socks - and I came out with Vogue Knitting Stitchionary 3: Color Knitting. What a beautiful book. Again, paid for out of B's bank account.

And then, THEN, as if this was not enough, he was kind enough (or bored enough - nothing else planned today, after all) to agree to seek out the new yarn store. Which was easily found, and awesome. A super helpful woman was working there, she had a great selection... I touched and caressed and sniffed many many lovely yarns. I even picked up an angora blend that truly smelled like rabbits. (I had a roommate with bunnies in college, I know what rabbits smell like. Mostly like cedar shavings.)

I got a skein of hand dyed superwash J. Knits sock yarn for a new secret project, AND I got my new rosewoods! Reynolds brand, size 6. LOVE 'em. They are beauties. Here's the sum total of the day's treasures:

You know, B teases me all the time about my hobby/obsession, but in the end he goes far beyond what would be expected of any average man to support my knitting addiction. Not just with his money, or time, or willingness to be embarrassed at being seen in a yarn store - he doesn't just humor me, but actually seems to take interest. He is starting to learn to identify garter vs. stockinette stitch even in storebought items, I believe he knows the difference between Fair Isle and Intarsia, he understands the process behind cables. He recognizes and can translate many of the acronyms. He'll take pictures of me holding or wearing yarn with no questions asked. He likes to go to my blog's counter to see where the hits are coming from. He even knows several of the blogs I read regularly, if not by bloggers' first names, then by a nickname or notable project or featured pet. What more could I ask for?

He does, on occasion, benefit from my knitting, too. It's a reciprocal sort of thing, after all. For instance, this morning I bound off the front section of his Leo sweater.

Front and back are done. As you can see, the ends are still dangling all over the front, but that's next on my to-do list. Maybe by the end of the evening the two will be seamed together. And then, bring on Sleeve Hell. I think I'm ready.

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