11 December 2006

Will's Socks

I've officially completed my knitting initiation - I've made my first pair of socks. I admit, for a while there, I was doubtful about knitting socks. Like non-knitters say, why spend all that time and extra money to hand knit socks, when you can buy a perfectly good pair that will probably last a lot longer for less? But I've been converted.

They're on my feet now, but these socks are headed off to warm my bro's toes.

I used Knitty's Socks 101 Tutorial and a basic 4x2 ribbing for the leg. Really basic, and in a solid color, but my brother is a basic sock guy, and it let me focus on the sock construction. My next pair will be more visually interesting. But these turned out nice, I think.

Even the heel went smoothly.

The yarn is something anonymous (okay, I accidentally threw away the label, but it was something from my LYS that I hadn't heard of before), navy and washable, with much less wool content than I'd like. Or, any. Still, they're warm, stretchy yet snug, and comfy. On me. Hopefully they are on him too.

Size 3 needles - 2 circulars. Took me about a week, including a few false starts.

And now, off they go.

All wrapped up.

And ready to go.

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