19 February 2007

A Change Of Pace

Every so often, my creativity demands expression via non-yarn avenues. So last week I busted out my bead stash.

Admittedly, they are still yarn related - they're stitch markers! They came out a bit heavy to dangle from straight yarn, probably, but most of the time when I use stitch markers at all, it's with circular needles, and the markers are suspended from the needle cord - and they should work just fine for that. By the way, these beads came from Bead Hawk here in Jacksonville - great store.

Next, this project.

I realize it's hard to tell much from this picture... It's a bookcase, and I'm staining it. It's too close to the wall in the garage for me to get a wide enough angle for a good picture - and I wasn't about to move it for the sake of photography. I've never stained before but I think it's going pretty well. Upon the advice of the very friendly guys at the unfinished furniture store - called Wood You, also here in Jacksonville, also highly recommended - I'm doing the staining with rags rather than brushes. The process is almost a sensual one, just hand against wood with no brush adding distance.

Note: We had to purchase a bookcase because our movers threw our previous bookcase down the stairs as they were packing up our apartment. Oops.

This isn't to say that I haven't been knitting. I have. Update on the new project soon.

Also, I have attempted to join two new webrings (pending acceptance, of course). Florida Knitters, and Knitters with Minis. Technically it's my husband's Mini, but that still counts, right? It's in my driveway, and I drive it every once in a while...

Like I said though, I attempted to join these two rings. After submitting my info to RingSurf on the Mini ring, RingSurf brought up a page saying the ring is not currently accepting new members... But I did receive an email confirmation providing me with the code... So... I don't know. Maybe I'll leave the code up for a little while and see if I hear anything.

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skully said...

welcome to the FL knitters webring! so glad to have you as one of our crew! :)