08 February 2007

I Am Still Alive

And I am in Florida!! Yay.

And I have internet again!! Double yay.

Every morning since we've gotten here, I've woken up, looked out the window at the palm tree in the yard, and thought: "Man, it's a ridiculously gorgeous day outside."

Followed by the thought, "If it's this pleasant and warm in February, what will it be like in July??"

There is way too much to do right now (read: unpacking!) for me to spend time blogging. I just wanted to put everyone's mind at ease: I have, in fact, not dropped off the face of the earth.

And in a couple more days... A long-awaited FO post.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your move! I hope you like living in the south. How is your dog adjusting to the warm weather? I bet he likes it better than the snow!