28 February 2007

Getting Some Sunlight

I bought plants. And planted them around my mailbox.

I have never purchased plants before. Not for planting. I've never had a yard or a garden of my own.

Bromeliads, Crotons, and Snapdragons. They will probably die. They are probably not suited to the soil/ amount of sunlight/ temperature/ something. Because I don't know anything about plants. But I think they look nice, and I am proud of myself. If for nothing else, than for spending time outdoors.

Now, about that dead grass surrounding them... That waits until B is home from his underway.


Bethany said...

So you've purchased plants, just not plants for planting? Uh huhhhh... drug reference, anyone?

Cara said...

Hah, um, no. I bought a bunch of potted flowers to put out on tables for my wedding. That's the only other time I can recall purchasing plants.

Emma said...

Ah, that looks really nice!