26 February 2007

I Heart My Hoodie

Oh, my. I adore my Central Park Hoodie so much. So much, that I could not stop working on it, because I had to HAVE IT NOW, and I finished it in exactly 2 weeks. I've made socks that took 2 weeks. Socks!

Photo Shoot:

Artsy shot. Pretty buttons.

Obligatory bathroom mirror shot. (B is out on his new ship, so I have to model AND take the pictures. Ugh.)

You can see how nicely the hood lies. You can also see that the sleeves are a little snug. I think the blocking will work it out. Yes, I always block pieces after they're all the way done, seamed and everything. I know some people block pieces and then seam. I can't get a handle on what problems my blocking needs to address until after I've put the thing on.

Obligatory headless bathroom mirror shot. Check out those cables!

A sopping soapy mess. I block with Woolite, and for this one I threw in a bit of vinegar hoping to soften it up. It wasn't really harsh, just slightly scratchy on my arms.

Laid out to dry on the giant beach blanket.

The official FO post shall come after it's dry. I will try to find somebody to take pictures for me, since B doesn't come home for almost 2 more weeks.

*If you happen to become smitten with the Central Park Hoodie, check out the CPH KAL. See other knitters' gorgeous finished hoodies, and if you decide to go for it (and you should!) you can get any help you may need.


Bethany said...

It. Is. Gorgeous. I must have one.

rachel iufer said...

AH! it's so pretty!!!

i'm nearing the finish line with mine and i'm predicting some tight sleeve issues as well. hope the blocking does wonders!

Michelle said...

wow. your hoddie is really pretty!! what yarn did you use??

Cara said...

Rachel - So far it's looking like the sleeves are loosening up nicely. Good luck on yours!

Michelle - I'm using Queensland Collections' Kathmandu Aran Tweed, color number 141.

jenfromRI said...

That looks awesome.

Melanie said...

I am ready to start mine - thanks for the inspiration! It's wonderful!