13 February 2007

It Smells Like Wet Livestock In Here

55% like wet alpaca and 22% like wet merino sheep, to be exact, and then 23% like wet silk, too. Because that's the blend of the KnitPicks Andean Silk that went into B's Leo... Which is now probably pretty close to dry, after being blocked on Sunday.

It's finally finished.

And stinky.

(Sorry about the blurry picture. It was either a blurry picture or a dark one.)

It was finished Saturday night at about 1:30 am. (I just haven't had the chance to blog about it until today.) And don't think the monster gave in to completion without a fight. OH, NO - there was a gruesome and bloody battle. Ok, maybe not bloody, but definitely hairy.

See, when I first started the sweater, I asked B if he liked the neck in the pattern, because I didn't think it looked like his style, and if he told me early then I'd have no problem changing things around to better suit him... But he had to let me know then, so I could do the necessary alterations of the front and possibly back parts of the sweater. He looked at the picture and said, no, that neck looks fine. He has no recollection of this conversation, apparently, because on Saturday morning I finished the pattern as written, and he tried it on, and hated the neck.

Granted, it looks a little floppy and unwieldy here, but I feel that probably would have calmed down in blocking. Either way, it was a no-go. I know if he doesn't like the neck, he's not going to be wearing the sweater, and so this whole 6 month sweater-making ordeal would have been pointless. So, I frogged the neck.

There was only so much that could be done without tearing up parts of the body, which I was not especially willing to do. So, it's a conservative 1x1 ribbed neck with a very slight V; barely even a V, more of just a series of decreases at the center of the front to make the thing lie flat. He says he likes it. Hopefully he means it and isn't just trying to prevent my head exploding.

When it's dry, I'll have him put it on, and then I'll do an official FO post.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on "finishing" the Leo! I know you are ready to move on to other projects.