17 February 2007

Leo Sweater

Leo, by Kristi Porter, from Knitty's issue Fall 04.

Yarn: KnitPicks Andean Silk in "Cinnamon" - personally, I would not have named this color Cinnamon. Perhaps Caramel. The yarn is rather soft and for the most part pleasant to work with, but, well, you get what you pay for I suppose. My stitches didn't look quite as even as they usually do, and the original neck was... saggy... (see previous post). But the neck looks good now, and blocking fixed the majority of my unevenness issues, and in the end I'm pleased with the yarn for the price.

Time Spent: Must I admit this? I bought the yarn back in August... Then it was going to be a Christmas present... Now I guess I can call it a Valentines present. Of course, this was not my only project for that entire time. It was one of those that I kept putting off, and putting off... Thank goodness it's over now.

Notes: There has already been one post about my love-hate relationship with this sweater in detail; I won't go into it again here. And don't get me wrong; it's a great pattern. Everything the conservative-but-trendy guy wants in a pullover. The final product looks rather nice, if I do say so myself. I think B was a little surprised by how stylish it looks. It just took FOREVER. Size 3 and 4 needles? It's like the designer was trying to kill me.

Still, now that it's done and has even been worn in public, it was just about worth it.

My only modification to the pattern is the neck. The roll wasn't working out for me, so I did an inch and a half of 1x1 ribbing with double decreases every other row on the front center.

And now, we may all move on with our lives. And mend our marriages.

(Just kidding.)


Bethany said...

Very Nice!!

Anonymous said...

The Leo turned out great. I love the neckline!