25 February 2007

New Friends

In the past two days I have had to good fortune to attend two separate social knitting functions. The first was a "knit-in" at the LYS, on Friday night, and the second was a Jaxknits meeting, yesterday afternoon. When I was in Jacksonville house hunting, I went to the same knit-in, but yesterday was my first opportunity to go to a stitch-n-bitch type function since moving here, and I really had a lot of fun - even if the cafe at Borders was currently closed and we had to swipe chairs and congregate in the middle of the self help section. Met some awesome and talented ladies (who had some very nice things to say about my hoodie-in-progress) and made some good headway on my project.

The Jaxknits ladies are contributing socks to the Socks for Children in Common charity project, making socks for kids living in orphanages in eastern Europe. The pattern can be found here, if anyone out there would like to participate!

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